Yesterday, ASU Officials and Reps met with Council to discuss the proposed reduction in library services.

The ASU has told Council that proper consultation with the union and staff representative has not occurred.

It was agreed that the ASU reps and Officials would provide a list of meaningful work currently performed by library staff as well as an expansion of work that could be done.

This includes work undertaken at other Councils in Libraries.  Council agreed to review this information and come back to us before Monday’s ELT meeting.

Council also agreed to provide the ASU with a list of the alternative work proposed in other areas that could be skill matched to library staff.

We encourage members to share their suggestions and ideas for meaningful work to continue as well as any workplans with their managers and reps in the effort to demonstrate there is still work to do, that will serve the community.

In the meantime, please contact your ASU Library Delegates Peter Bunn, Stephanie Tighe or Rosemary Cramp for more information.

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