Following today’s meeting with Council, the ASU was provided with Council’s responses to the below claims.

Please come along to one of the PAID TIME member meetings scheduled for Tuesday 12 November, where we will be seeking member’s feedback and direction on the total package negotiated.

DATE: Tuesday 12 November
St Kilda Town Hall, Auditorium

DATE: Tuesday 12 November
4:00pm- 5:00pm
St Kilda Town Hall, Ngargee Room

Claim 5. Pay increases

The ASU had previously proposed pay increases to be in line with actual rate income received rather than rate cap, and reflect same arrangement as current EA for lower bands (4D and below). This claim reflects the high rate collection experienced by Council, and healthy supplementary income. This was rejected by Council and a firm and final offer was tabled below:

  • Year 1/2019-2020:  Backdated from 1 July 2019, 2.5% or $30 per week, whichever is greater. This means staff on 4B and below will receive $30/week, bands 4C and above will receive 2.5%.
  • Year 2/2020-2021:  2% or $30 per week, or rate cap whichever is greater.
  • Year 3/2021-2022:   2% or $30 per week, or rate cap whichever is greater.

Claim 8. Health & Wellbeing

Council considered our proposed wording, and agree to the majority of additions for Health and Wellbeing Program including:

  • Establishment of the program within six months of certification of the EA
  • Staff to be consulted on the development of the program
  • Regular accessible events and an allocated budget

Claim 9. End of Band

Council rejected any end of band recognition, despite consistent feedback that this is a high priority. The ASU proposed a compromise position of 1 additional leave day to be awarded to staff at top of their band, non-cumulative. Council are to respond to this claim before member meetings on Tuesday.

Claim 25. Disciplinary Procedure

Despite multiple discussions with Council about the high concern for members and the union office, Council rejected this claim and do not agree to any disciplinary procedure to go into the agreement.

Claim 54/55. Part Time Core Hours & Leave Associated Leave Arrangements

This remains a concern, particularly in Libraries. The ASU understand council will look into this and come back to the ASU. The ASU will seek a commitment in writing from Council that this is a system issue and will be addressed, however any variation to hours for the purposes of leave will be arranged through an employee’s coordinator.

For further information on any of the above claims contact your ASU delegates or
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies on 0428 161 681 or

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