On Thursday 12 September the ASU met with management to discuss the general provisions of the ASU log of claims.

The ASU was disappointed in the lack of transparency and response from Council in relation to the outstanding Claims that required further discussion..

This included a claim for the Health and Wellbeing allowance, Council gave no consideration in exploring this claim even though they had indicated early on in the negotiations they would be willing to further discuss it and that it was an important focus for Council.

This was contradicted on Thursday when City of Port Phillip management representatives stated they already have programs in place for staff and would be looking to expand it in the future outside of the EA, when asked what that meant, they were unable and unwilling to provide further detail or look at similar statements and clauses from other municipalities.

We believe our members should know that there are other municipalities that give fantastic Wellbeing allowances that include one off payments, gym memberships and additional leave days that could be used as mental health days. City of Port Phillip management representatives are unwilling to even look at options and see how they correlate to reduced sick leave and time off work.

The ASU has also requested multiple times that risk assessments be undertaken on lone worker areas including childcare due to safety concerns for staff who are predominately female and need to walk significant  distances in the dark to their cars.

Council committed to carry out the childcare assessment and then reneged stating they have no obligation to their employees outside the spread of hours. We were appalled at the lack of empathy shown by CoPP management representatives given there has been serious incidents, involving our members.

Most of the other claims tabled and discussed on Thursday were met with responses of ” No”, and when ASU Officials and delegates asked for further consideration to be given we were not provided one

The ASU, ANMF , Professionals Australia representatives and  respective delegates from local areas will meet again on the 19th September with Management to hear a response on claims relating to quantum (pay increases) in time for the members meeting scheduled for the 19th September in Council Chambers at 12pm-1.30pm for members to be updated.

This meeting will form the next steps which will be to provide feedback on the claims to date, consult with members, and seek direction from members. We will also be discussing Protected Industrial Action.

Please come along with questions, feedback and let your bargaining team know what matters most to you. There is movement on a number of claims, others remain not agreed – we need to hear what matters most to you!

We have previously met with management to begin discussions on appendices, please see newsletters sent to specific areas. These discussions are continuing.

You can download a summary update on the general claims, as of 12 September, here.

For further information please contact one of your ASU delegates or:
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 | hdavies@asuvictas.com.au

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