Last night ASU members in Children’s Services met to discuss how centres are managing amid the Covid-19 crisis. Several concerns were raised at the meeting, largely about inadequate staffing and Council no longer engaging their casual staff.

Some of these issues included:

  • Children and staff are being moved across rooms, children seem confused and are not able to engage in the program. In addition, staff being moved across centres to cover absences that are no longer being replaced by casual staff. Affecting staff morale and sense of belonging.
  • Staff staying back due to being understaffed
  • Coordinators and 2ICs covering tea breaks and lunch breaks due to understaffing
  • Educators and Coordinators spending 4-5 hours daily cleaning which is well above the expected duties and responsibilities of their roles
  • Planning time has not been provided for over a month, therefore it is time outstanding that is owed to staff. In some instances, cleaning duties have taken priority over this as well as covering staff

Whilst the ASU understand this is a tough time for all levels of Council, expecting employees to undertake additional duties such as extensive deep cleaning is not appropriate. Withholding employee’s entitlements such as planning time is not consistent with the requirements of the Agreement, and if the lack of staff is the reason for this then more staff need to be rostered.

The ASU and delegates have written to management requesting to meet next week and will come back to members with an update.

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