The ASU is proud to share that Portable Long Service Leave is ever closer to becoming a reality for community sector members! After fighting for over twenty years the scheme will kick off on 1 July 2019 for most community sector workers.

The Portable Long Service Benefits Authority is largely established, with governance and most staff in place. One of their first important tasks has been met, with the employer levy being set for 1.65%.

The ASU is continuing to advocate for the scheme to be the best possible. We recently made a submission to government on the Regulations that will operate in tandem with the Long Service Benefits Portability Act 2018. You can read our submission here. The Regulations will be approved just prior to 1 July to kick in with the Scheme and cover key matters for our workforce including:

  • Scope – seeking inclusion of workers in the NDIS and further defining community sector workers to ensure the reach is as broad as possible
  • Interaction with Long Service Leave provisions in collective agreements

The ASU is keen to talk to our members about what this means for you – what you should expect and how to make sure you’re getting what you’re entitled to.

The ASU office will be running PLSL briefings in June – July for community sector workers.

Please contact the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 0r  if you are keen to attend a PLSL briefing in your workplace or local area.

You can also express your interest by completing the short form below.

Information on the scheme is available from the Portable Long Service Leave Authority at:

For more information contact:
The ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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