Due to the COVID outbreak in St Kilda, ASU members at Launch Housing sites in the area have been urged by the government to get tested.

Members spent half of yesterday waiting to hear from management regarding release from work to get tested. After 4 hours of waiting, members were told to take personal leave to cover time off for testing. See email here.

The vast majority of these members aren’t St Kilda residents and were only there for work. Making them use personal leave for this is outrageous and careless.

The ASU is doing everything we can to get Launch Housing to provide paid pandemic leave to staff who require time off for work-related testing or isolation.

Given the serious and growing public health concerns here, the ASU advise staff who have been told to get a test to do so even if you need to take personal leave.  ASU delegates and officials will work to get that time recredited.

If you support this position, talk to your colleagues about it and if they’re not in the union, they can join online today via https://www.asu.asn.au/asujoin

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