Recently the ASU have assisted two members at the Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) in their requests for more flexibility.

Both member’s initial application was rejected outright with weak arguments from YSAS about “the business needs”.

Through many months of persistence and the continued advocacy of the ASU, both members were able to get favourable outcomes.

The current pandemic has changed the way in which many workplaces operate, and workers now have an increased appetite for flexible working arrangements.

Recent changes to the National Employment Standards make it easier for workers to request flexible working arrangements than ever before.

However, this does not automatically entitle workers to change their hours, patterns, or locations of work. The ASU have seen many inflexible employers rejecting sensible and reasonable requests.

This is an important lesson in not accepting a management decision without question.

Employers rely on workers not advocating for themselves and hope they eventually will give up.

If you feel a decision is unfair, stand up for what you want and if you hit a brick wall, speak to your workplace delegate to learn how the ASU may be able to assist you as well.

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