The ASU legal team and members had a win in the Fair Work Commission today when VSK decided to withdraw its application to vary its enterprise agreement.

This was the first attempt by a SACS employer to use the pandemic as a basis for taking away hard-won pay gains from ASU members.  VSK failed to adequately explain how its financial position required these cuts to be made, nor did they consult with workers about other measures that may be more effective to meet any financial difficulties.  Instead they simply sought to cut the wages of its staff.

Long time ASU delegate Libby Roden worked tirelessly to ensure members could have a proper opportunity to consider the proposed changes and the outcome of this matter is vindication that she was right all along.

VSK’s application sought to remove the 3% pay increase scheduled for 1 July 2020 and a guarantee that the wage rates in the agreement will always be at least 1% above the Equal Remuneration Order rates. This was something members fought hard to win in the bargaining process a little over 12 months ago.

VSK failed to meet the pre-approval requirements to ensure the variation was genuinely agreed to by its staff.  Despite the ASU’s efforts to prevent this matter going all the way to contested hearing, it was only during the hearing, when it was apparent it would fail, that VSK finally withdrew its application.

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