Meeting held 5 February 2019

  1. New Uniform policies and catalogues provided by management. ASU delegated raised the omission of bib and brace style overalls – these will be available on the final list.
  2. Proposal was put by management that there be a $180 limit on reimbursements for purchasing hiking boots and only every two years. Management are in the processes of signing some sort of arrangement with a major retailer to provide discounted hiking boots for staff.  ASU and CPSU both raised the $180 limit as being too low for decent hiking boots especially for staff who may need to hike all day. This will be reviewed once from the price list from the major retailer is available and management discretion will be available to reimburse additional sets of boots for staff who do more hiking in the course of their work.
  3. Parks Vic are looking at “micro credential” courses for staff possibly via RMIT, some information available via RMT website but further information to follow.
  4. Parks Vic is updating all SOI’s and SWP’s and developing a process to ensure they stay current. All participants agreed that we need a simple tablet based system that allows access to incident reporting and safety reference material and templates out in the field rather than carting around folders of material that or may not be current – the work being done now to ensure that JSA’a and SWP’s are up to date should be the building block for that electronic system.
  5. Employees who have lost access to an afterhours roster allowance was raised by the ASU – this can affect member’s retiring on defined benefits super quite significantly and the matter was raised directly with Ian Sargent who agreed to follow the cases of the four individuals we knew of with ASU delegate John Argote.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tony White | 0437 834 615 |

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