The ASU has written to Manager of Parks Christopher Cook and Human Resources Matthew La Riccia regarding several matters which have been raised with the ASU by members and delegates.  The issues we have sought to address are as followed;

  1. Staffing levels review with the comparison of what was agreed to within the restructure/realignment;
  2. Review of realignment implementation; this has since been provided information which we have sent on to the delegate.
  3. Information regarding a proposed restructure within the Tree Crew
  4. HSR training

We have requested a paid meeting with the department to discuss your concerns in greater detail, we await HR approval prior to proceeding.

The ASU would also like to call for nominations for two (or more) delegate positions within the Parks team at both Sunshine and Keilor depot.  If you are interested in getting more involved then please chat to your current delegate Tyson Fell or contact ASU Organiser Dave Beckley.

ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio will shortly be heading off on maternity leave and Dave Beckley will have on-going coverage of the items raised above.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Dave Beckley | 0428 462 285 |

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