• The proposed weekend only ranger appointment process has been deferred, with arrangements returning to seasonal appointments as per previous years following combined Union questioning on the process, specifically that of consultation and impact on existing workforce.
  • The Uniform procedure still is yet to be finalised with Unions continuing to raise questions on multiple aspects of not only design and allocation but that of safety.  The recent Consultative Committee meeting saw management recognise the issue of work boot allocation and suitability of fit for purpose  footwear seeing a return to individual allowance allocation to staff of up to $300.
  • Super Reimbursements – Many non-Defined Benefit Scheme superannuation members have now received notification of shortfall payments that need to be reimbursed due to errors in payroll coding that can date back from 2002.  These payments in many instances are multiple of thousands of dollars, and begin to rectify the significant blunder at the expense of employees made over nearly two decades.
  • The ASU and aligned Unions have continued to ask and seek clarification on the +4% super contribution for “operational” response roles supporting DELWP via FFMVic.  Adjustments to eligible  positions continue to be made to reflect better the importance of all ASU members working within this space.
  • Your Unions are seeking clarification on how operational staff appointed to “Crew Leader” positions predominately in Project Fire Fighter areas are only Grade 2 banded given staff their employee supervision and associated responsibilities for tasks under the OH&S and de-facto during field management of staff.
  • Over the last three years Parks Victoria and Grade 8+ management positions have increased significantly, with over 30 Parks Victoria Executive and Directors now included in around 120 of these roles across the state.  The structure of the organisation as a result is clearly “top heavy”, with the Unions also aware of a noteworthy  increase in casualisation and fixed term contracting terms of employment also evident.
  • With a re-elected State Government recently taking office, the ASU is keen to work with all PV staff and Management to ensure the service provision is reflective of the important and unique work done by Parks Victoria across the state.  Negotiations on the 2020 Enterprise Bargaining Agreement will begin next year, setting up the future of our Parks Victoria to deliver for all Victorians, and ensure your safety and industrial rights are protected and recognised.
  • The Unions are mindful of the issuing of the non-diverse festive greeting card by Parks Victoria. https://spark.adobe.com/page/rXb7LAXx2lOhq/ – The Unions fully support any members for calling out lack of diversity, and acknowledge that the circulated card imagery does not fully reflect the community, environmental and cultural diversity that the broader Parks Victoria landscape captures.

The ASU Delegate group and ASU Office wish all Parks Victoria staff a very safe, happy and diverse festive season, and look forward to working with you into an exciting 2019 and beyond.  Take care.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 | mprice@asuvictas.com.au

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