Since October 2018 your ASU representatives have been attempting to meet with BSL management to discuss a number of unresolved member concerns.

Only after the ASU issued a notice of intention to invoke the Dispute Resolution clause in your enterprise agreement did management agree to meet.

The meeting took place on 11 April, with the following agenda:

  • A refusal of BSL to allow ADOs and flexible working arrangements for LACs
  • Workloads and KPIs
  • Inconsistent practices regarding overtime payments
  • Consultation Committee

The meeting was attended by your ASU Delegates, Claire Proctor, Miles Milton and Madeline Dack and ASU Organiser, Joanne McEvoy.

Kate Hitchins and Rodney Weston attended on behalf of BSL.

Rodney advised that there a number of staff currently on flexible working arrangements due to caring or other requirements. He did acknowledge that the examples given by your Delegates of this not being consistent practice does require some further investigation from BSL.

With regards to ADOs Rodney said that BSL are not against them, however doesn’t believe that the business can support it. Your Delegates were able to provide examples and we believe, evidence that it can work. Rodney has agreed that a working party will be put together and commence in May to start serious discussions around this. Your Delegates will ensure this commitment is kept and will update members as it progresses.

With regards to workload and KPIs, Rodney advised that BSL are currently reviewing KPIs and will be consulting with staff very soon regarding this. The conversation was quite positive and again, your Delegates were able to provide some very pertinent examples of where the current system is failing. The ASU will strongly argue that your Delegates have a role to play in the consultation regarding any changes to the KPIs.

Rodney advised that the issue of inconsistency happening with the granting of Time in Lieu (TIL) as opposed to payment for overtime has been resolved. There has been a directive released to all managers and staff that payment rather than TIL is the default payment for any overtime.

Kate Hitchins committed to commencing a first meeting of the consultation committee however since then has resigned from BSL. The ASU will continue to push for this meeting as there are still unresolved issues that need to be addressed.

Should any of the above issues continue to be a concern for you, please contact your worksite Delegate or your Organiser, Joanne McEvoy to discuss further.

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