The ASU has been contacted by members across Out of Home Care (OoHC) from a range of workplaces about COVID-19 concerns and responses. Members have reported a range of worrying OHS concerns from lack of soap, young people intentionally coughing and spitting on staff, to lack of consultation with workers and Health and Safety Reps (HSRs).

We’re asking members to complete a quick survey to help your issues on the important work you’re doing to be heard!

The union is conscious of the added complexity and stressors facing OoHC workers, due to direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.  Some types of care work are being recognised for this, such as aged care workers who will receive two payments of $ $1,120, funded by the Federal Government. We want to know from OoHC workers what you think is the best solution for your work to deal with the OH&S and industrial concerns that COVID-19 has caused.

Please complete the short (5 minute) survey here.:

And please share it with other OoHC workers you know. Your individual answers will be confidential but will help inform the union’s response to find solutions that best fit for you.

Remember, DHHS and WorkSafe have released guidelines to assist employers and employees minimise risk to staff, young people and communities during the coronavirus pandemic. You can view the guidelines here.

The ASU is regularly engaging with funding bodies and government to ensure members’ concerns are being escalated and can report where guidelines are not being adhered to.

If this applies at your workplace please contact ASU Organiser Jo McEvoy ASAP.

Pass this newsletter on to your colleagues and actively look out for each other’s health and safety. If your colleagues are not yet members of the ASU, encourage them to join today. It’s quick and easy to join here:

Want more information on COVID-19?

If you have questions or concerns please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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