Last night hundreds of ASU members who work in aviation around Australia met online and unanimously voted to campaign for AviationKeeper – an industry wide Government funding package to support the Australian aviation industry get through the COVID-19 recovery. Can you sign the petition calling on the Government to bring in AviationKeeper now?

ASU members want the Government to bring in an extension of the current JobKeeper package so that it covers everyone in aviation who needs it and goes for as long as we need it to.

Currently, thousands of ASU members are stood down from work but not receiving JobKeeper because of unfair legal loopholes. And JobKeeper is currently due to end in just 100 days – even though it is clear that it will take airlines longer to bounce back than other parts of the economy, and it is unlikely that people will resume interstate and international travel at the pre-COVID-19 rates for some time.

The Government is planning its next steps for the economic recovery right now, and we need to take urgent action to ensure that they back Australian aviation workers. Please take a moment to sign the petition calling on the Government to bring in AviationKeeper now!

COVID-19 may make us be physically distant, but that won’t stop us standing up together to demand our Government support Australian aviation workers. Click here to sign the petition to protect Australian aviation jobs in the COVID-19 recover. Ask your friends and colleagues to sign the petition here:

For further information please contact:
ASU Tasmanian Coordinator Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |

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