The principles of fairness and security are fundamental to a good community.

In turn, a strong community sector needs fair, secure jobs so that staff can focus on delivering the best possible services for our clients in the community.

After members of the Australian Services Unions fought for it, the Victorian Government committed to implementing a Community Sector Fair Jobs Code this year.

Now, we need to make sure the code makes it mandatory for services receiving government funding to:

  • Engage staff as ongoing instead of fixed-term, other than for leave replacements;
  • Stop the overuse of casual contracts;
  • Be bound by an employment disputes process;
  • Approve a family violence policy with DFFH and the ASU; and
  • Allow the ASU to communicate with staff at induction.

ASU members are also calling for longer funding terms for community sector programs, and greater Government accountability and oversight on workforce, training and future requirements for the community sector.

Because our community needs and deserves job security.

You can find out more about aour campaign, sign the petition, download campaign materiels, or sign up for campaign meetings here.

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