The ASU remains concerned about the impact of continued uncertainty surrounding the future Aged Care Assessment Services on our Regional Assessment Service members.

The ASU and the AMNF whose members work in Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) have concerns about the future of assessment. The ASU has proposed a joint union meeting with the Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers and assessment members to discuss the States critical interest in effective assessment services.

With repeated deadlines for information on the model for the Streamlined Assessment for Aged Care Service passing with no news, Regional Assessment Service (RAS) staff remain unclear when the transition will occur.

With no new information available from the Commonwealth, Regional Assessment providers and their staff, the ASU and Municipal Association of Victoria anxiously wait for clarity.

Most Councils, in accordance with their obligations, have provided notification to their staff that change is expected.

As each week passes with no news it remains possible that transition and service implementation could be delayed.

However, we recommend all members remain alert to the real possibility of change. Familiarising yourself with your ASU negotiated redundancy and redeployment provisions is a good first step. This information should be available from your employer.

Concerns and questions about these provisions or process can be directed to the ASU member contact centre in the first instance.

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