ASU officials and delegates at On the Line have been actively promoting the merits of being unionised.

An important step in building union strength, relevance and profile across On the Line has been increasing the number of delegates. This is especially important given On the Line is a 24/7 operation.

This has now been achieved in the recruiting at least 1 new Delegate (welcome Robert Lower) with expressions of interest from at least another 4!

ASU delegates are now in the process of developing up an organising plan to build union strength and establish a strategy to implement a new enterprise agreement in 2020 as the current agreement expired in August this year.

The ASU is also in the process of seeking to secure 4 monthly meetings with HR and management to establish clear lines of communication to raise and to resolve issues concern members.

The meetings will also an opportunity for On the Line to inform the ASU of any changes and developments so the ASU can protect the rights of members.

Union strength is growing at On the Line as members are becoming more organised and active.

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