With Victorian workers starting to return from the Christmas/New Year break, Covid-19 numbers have once again risen sharply, likely resulting in significant changes to your workplace. The ASU advocates for HSR’s to be consulted per the OH&S Act 2004 in every step for all changes implemented in your workplace. HSR’s are the backbone for all workers to have the safest possible workplace during the current pandemic. This is WorkSafe’s definition of consultation –

“ Consultation means that employers must share information with employees, give them a reasonable opportunity to express their views and take those views into account. Procedures for consultation that have been agreed on must be adhered to. Where employees are represented by a health and safety representative (HSR), the consultation must involve that HSR.”

We strongly encourage you to reach out to your working group colleagues to ensure they are feeling safe and their voices are being heard in these critical times.

If your employer is not listening to you or your colleagues, you feel these decisions are arbitrary or make your workplace unsafe, you as an elected HSR have the right to demand your employer follows these sections of the OH&S Act 2004

  • Section 35 – Duty of employers to consult
  • Section 73 – Resolution of health and safety issues
  • Section 74 – Direction to cease work.

If at any time you require assistance from the ASU, please notify your employer using Section 58 (1) (f) whenever necessary, seek the assistance of any person, tell them the ASU will be assisting you with this matter from here and call the ASU member contact Centre on 1300 855 570 or email info@asuvictas.com.au

Please see Here the OH&S Act 2004 Summary: handbook for workplaces for further information

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