The ASU is acutely aware of the impacts on workplace culture resulting from high staff turnover and instances of staff being terminated during their probation. ASU members have communicated to their union that they feel their employment security is under attack.

Low morale and the culture of fear that pervades undermines commitments to a safe, secure, respectful and accountable work environment.

A meeting will be held on:

DATE: Wednesday 14 August
TIME: 3.00 pm

The ASU urges you all to attend this meeting to express your views on the following outstanding EBA claims:

  1. Agreement on wording with respect to Fixed Term contracts
  2. Timing of pay increases (our position is that this be 2% above minimum rates each July and to remain at this rate in particular at Dec 2019 and 2020 when the ERO applies)
  3. Classifications
  4. On call allowances response from NTV to the position put forward by ASU
  5. Final wording on Family Violence Leave, in particular reference to no adverse action.
  6. Reference to Community Language Allowance (ASU notes recent conversations based upon further information from the ASU, NTV prepared to further consider)
  7. Overstating references to the NES.
  8. Wording with respect to Incremental Progression

The proposed EBA on offer is for the next four years, negotiations are delicately poised so we need to strategic, united and resolute as we utilise every opportunity to deliver an EBA that respects and acknowledges the hard and committed work that you all do

An EBA that supports Job security, job satisfaction and opportunities for job progression are critical in ensuring that workplaces are fair, decent and have integrity.

Members please also be aware that ASU Organiser Charlie Volpe will be onsite from 11 am onwards – till the meeting starts at 3pm on the 14th, if members are unable to attend at 3pm and/or if members want to have more detailed discussions.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Charlie Volpe | 0428 734 459 |

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