At a recent ASU members meeting there were many issues discussed including, OH&S issues in the MSIR, casual employment, outreach roles, classifications and the payroll system.

It was agreed that the ASU would raise these issues in an email to NRCH HR and seek a consultative process to deal with each issue in an orderly way.

The ASU office will keep you updated about the arrangements for meetings with NRCH management.

The work you do at NRCH is important and you deserve to be properly consulted about workplace change. Particularly if that change could negatively impact your health and safety.

The ASU office will do everything we can to help to facilitate proper consultative processes at NRCH.

If you have any other issues that you would like raised please contact:
ASU Assistant Secretary Leon Wiegard | 0438 060 298 |

Delegate Nomination
ASU member Donna Williamson has put up her hand to be an ASU delegate at NRCH

It’s great to see members putting up their hand to help to work with their ASU colleagues to represent them in the workplace.

If any member has an issue with Donna’s nomination please email ASU Assistant Secretary Leon Wiegard at

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