Following the unsuccessful protected action ballot in December, Management have sent through a revised offer to try to resolve the deadlock in bargaining. We will be holding a paid time mass members meeting to discuss this offer.

Management have given approval for all ASU members from all NE Water sites to come to Wangaratta next Thursday to discuss this offer. All members are strongly encouraged to attend, as we will be putting this offer to a vote of members.

DATE: Thursday 31 January
TIME: 12pm – 1pm
VENUE: Wangaratta Depot

Outstanding Matters: Wages & 9 Day Fortnight

Management’s new offer is as follows:

Year 1    Year 2    Year 3    Year 4
3.25%    3.0%      3.0%      3.25%

The following savings have been identified for a Service Delivery Partnership Plan to offset the additional 0.5%:

  • Efficiency in traffic management
  • Removal of Sewer B Allowance
  • Routine remote plant control

Management propose the attached flexibility clause and procedure.

Change the Rules
ASU Branch Coordinator Leon Wiegard will also attend this meeting to discuss the Change the Rules campaign. Given the difficulties we’ve had under the current bargaining system, the timing could not be better.

The ASU is committed to protecting, promoting and improving the working conditions and entitlements of members. And to best achieve this, we need to Change the Rules.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price |

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