Starting Friday 30 November, members should start receiving a ballot paper from the Australian Electoral Commission, asking if you approve the proposed protected industrial action set out in the ASU application.

ASU Members are urged to vote ‘yes’ to every question on the ballot.

Under the rules in the Act, we need:

  • 50%+1 of our members to return their vote, and
  • 50%+1 of those members to vote ‘yes’.

So if members do not fill in the ballot papers and return them to the AEC, we will not get the ballot up.

The ballot is open until 10am on December 20, but please keep in mind that the postal system takes longer than it used to, so the sooner you return your ballot, the better.

Please talk to your fellow members about returning their ballot too. As mentioned in our last newsletter, a ‘yes’ vote doesn’t mean we will be automatically taking protected industrial action. It simply means that we are then able to do so, and we will consult with members about what actions will work at your worksite. It’s your agreement, and you get to choose what actions you do.

A strong ‘yes’ vote will send a strong message to Management that we’re not going to cop lower pay rises than rest of the industry, and that we aren’t backing down on getting a fair and reasonable 9 day fortnight clause in the EA.

If you have not received your ballot paper by the end of next week, please contact the Union and we will chase this up. If you know any non-members who are interested in the proposed actions, please remind them that they can only legally take action if they are a Union member. If they join now, they will be protected.

We will be holding members’ meetings in the near future to discuss the ballot. If you would like a meeting in your workplace, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Matt Price at

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