The protected action ballot is underway, and members are reminded to return their completed ballot papers to the Australian Electoral Commission before Thursday 20th December

Under the rules in the Fair Work Act, we need:

  • 50%+1 of our members to return their vote, and
  • of those votes returned 50%+1 of those members to vote ‘yes’.

If you have not received your ballot paper, please call the AEC straight away on 03 9285 7107, and quote matter number B2018/1065. It may be that they do not have your current postal address, so you will need to advise them of this in order to get a new ballot paper sent to you.

The Union is doing everything we can to bring about a satisfactory resolution to this agreement negotiation, and have indicated to Management that we are keen to meet with them any time in order to progress this.

But we will not agree to a wages offer that is below industry standard, and unacceptable to our members. So the next step in the process is that we need to discuss the types of bans we can implement in your workplace.

For this reason, we will be holding members meetings next week as follows:

Thursday 20th December

Benalla 10:30 (Riverview Rd)

Yarrawonga 12:30 (Witt St)

Wangaratta 2:30 (Faithful St)

Friday 21st December

Wodonga 12:00 (Head office)

If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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