It was standing room only at a members meeting at City of Hobart recently where the ASU is urging members to VOTE NO to a sub-par enterprise agreement offer.

Members were offered 2.5% increases when Council’s long term financial plan clearly shows they have budgeted 3% increases to employees’ wages for the next 20 years.

City of Hobart doesn’t dispute that they have the capacity to pay, but are choosing not to.

Council has saved $2.2 million in employee costs over the last 5 years as they have budgeted more than they spent in this area, and rates are increasing in this municipality by 3.25%. But management refuse to budge on their 2.5% wages offer.

Council refers to “community expectations” during enterprise agreement negotiations but fail to see a problem with the General Manger of this one City earning significantly more than the Premier of Tasmania.

It is also alarming that after a concerted effort to contract out work which is currently completed by our members, Council also refuse to introduce a contracting out clause in the enterprise agreement which would protect against further erosion of direct employment.

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