The ASU takes this opportunity to thank members that participated in the recent ASU member workplace experience survey that was distributed, the insights and experiences expressed add weight to the urgency to change and transform the workplace culture at NTV into a positive, inclusive, safe, stable, respectful and progressive one.

The background to the survey is that NTV’s workforce has grown over recent years, consistent with the rest of the family violence sector. Despite this it is our understanding that since the beginning of 2019, the number of staff who have left NTV has exceeded the number of new positions by a rate of approximately 50%. The ASU office and delegates acknowledge staff anxiety about the high rate of staff turnover at NTV.

In the context of this extraordinarily high rate of attrition across NTV, workers at all levels have expressed that there is a pervading atmosphere of fear and insecurity, compounded by poor transparency and application of inconsistent change management policies by HR.

Many workers have left the organisation without other jobs lined up, meaning that NTV’s high turnover also compromises the development of the family violence workforce as a whole. Clearly, something has to change.

The Union welcomes news of a cultural review being initiated by NTV. Other concurrent processes, such as strategic planning and a review of the internal communications policy, also present opportunities for staunching the flow of experienced, talented family violence workers from the workforce.

In support of these initiatives, the ASU had extended an offer for one of our staff delegates to attend the next NTV Board meeting, scheduled to take place this Wednesday 25 March. We have offered the following observations in support of our request:

  • Allowing a staff member to participate as an observer would ensure that the decision makers have access to the perspectives of the dedicated and skilled NTV workforce. The presence of a staff representative would also aid the internal communication of decisions made by the Board.
  • The current processes of strategic planning and cultural review are ones which NTV’s decision makers should make particular efforts to ensure are informed by staff input. As the saying goes, ‘nothing about us without us’.
  • In fact, as a general rule, staff representation on company boards is recognised by industry leaders around the world as beneficial. We therefore encourage NTV’s Board to extend an ongoing invitation for a staff member to attend Board meetings.

We were informed that this request would be considered by the Board at their last meeting on March 25, and that the outcome of their deliberations would be reported back to the ASU and Delegates at our next quarterly meeting that will occur early April. These quarterly consultations with the CEO, were as agreed during the EA negotiations that finished last year. We look forward to discussing with the CEO how the ASU can assist in examining and redefining the strategic and cultural direction of NTV.

Stay tuned for an update in the next few weeks. As always, your ASU delegates are more than happy to lend an ear to your invaluable input and reflections on these matters.

For further information please contact one of your ASU delegates or::
ASU Organiser Chaz Volpe | 0428 734 459 |


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