The NTV Enterprise Agreement will be out to vote on September 23 and 24.

This agreement does significantly  improve your employments conditions in certain key and important areas, however there have been some marked losses.

Negotiations have occurred since the start of 2019. Delegates Camille Gierck, Gordon Thompson and Matt Addison have worked hard to achieve several significant gains.

Full details of the gains the ASU has negotiated into the proposed agreement, along with details of over-award conditions maintained, a small number of reductions in existing entitlements, and details of claims that were not secured can be downloaded here.

The ASU’s opinion is that, on balance, this is a workable agreement moving forward.

However, the rejection of wording that was unanimously endorsed by the membership -to further strengthen NTV’s commitment to employment security – is a serious concern. As a peak agency, NTV has missed an opportunity to set a higher standard across the community services sector for employment permanency and security.

While the no adverse action clause is applicable when an employee is on family violence leave, he rejection of “no adverse action” at any stage an employee is being impacted by family violence is a serious concern. As a peak in the family violence sector, it is incumbent on NTV to set the benchmark for other agencies.

If the agreement is voted up it will be in place for 4 years

Participation at this point is key. Those who vote will decide on whether this enterprise agreement is in place for the next 4 years. An enterprise agreement is approved when a majority of eligible staff vote yes. For example, if 3 staff vote and 2 vote yes in support o the enterprise agreement, it will be approved.

If the agreement is voted down, NTV will be forced back to the bargaining table. This may lead to a further opportunity for the ASU to improve the agreement or for the NTV to decrease the current offer.

ASU delegates and members have been able to make significant gains through a long bargaining process. However, we didn’t achieve all of our claims, most notably further protection to employment security. There is compromise involved in all enterprise agreement negotiations.

This is your agreement, so it’s up to you how you choose to vote.

For further information about the agreement and voting process please contact:
ASU Delegates Matt Addison on 0423 260 195 or Gordon Thompson on 0448 333 008 or
ASU Organiser Chaz Volpe | 0428 734 459 |


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