The Australian Services Union opposes any form of privatisation or ‘private sector involvement’ in VicRoads. There is too much at stake for VicRoads workers and the Victorian community.

With any privatisation, despite any prior commitments, wages and conditions fall over time. And for VicRoads workers, the only protection against this would be continued public sector employment.

The Victorian Labor Government has said it would maintain direct control over the price of core VicRoads’ services and assets. VicRoads workers deserve to be valued by the government at least as much as it values the buildings they work in.

The only structure that would stop VicRoads worker’s wages and conditions from going backward would be where every staff member continued to be employed by the Victorian Government.

Just as outsourcing puts downward pressure on wages, a public/private employment hybrid would inevitably suppress the wages of public sector employees.

It would limit their ability to negotiate fair pay rises with their employer through the ever-present threat of their role moving from the public sector to the joint venture partner.

So the ASU is contacting politicians and getting strong support from other unions in an effort to stop the Victorian Government from part-privatising VicRoads.

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