ASU Members and delegates at the City of Melbourne have just shown the importance of standing together and campaigning to improve workers’ conditions.

Angry and frustrated with City of Melbourne management for putting an un-agreed and substandard EA out to a vote of employees, members campaign hard to have the un-agreed EA rejected by their workmates.

The result wasn’t even close.  The un-agreed proposed enterprise agreement was rejected by 74% of employees who voted.

And for a non-compulsory ballot, a large number of employees voted.

This is a very clear message to City of Melbourne executive management that staff at the City want a fair enterprise agreement.

ASU members have been bargaining in good faith and had put forward some good proposals to the City of Melbourne.

The main concerns for ASU members in the vote were:

  1. Redundancy and redeployment provisions that strip away choice should a restructure occur or a worker’s PD change.
  2. Pay Equity – a current structure that divides workers and denies fair pay and increment increases
  3. An insulting wage offer – City of Melbourne has a massive surplus but is short changing workers with a 2% p/a wage offer.

With support from ASU Organiser Sean McCourt, delegates and members did an outstanding job talking to their workmates and campaigning for a fair enterprise agreement.

And more than anything, ASU members and delegates have provided a great example that we are stronger together.

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