Following the temporary closure of the Fitzroy office due to a potential COVID case there, the ASU sought recommitment from Launch on Wednesday 6 January that if they direct you to self-isolate ‘You will be paid and won’t be required to access your personal leave entitlements’.

That was originally committed to in this email.

The position was not contested by Launch at the time and they committed to getting back to us ASAP regarding specifics, knowing that members were waiting for a response.

We then spent two days trying to get in touch with HR and eventually the Acting CEO to get an answer, to no avail.

On Tuesday 12 January, we were informed by HR at Launch that At no stage has there been communication to suggest that staff directed to self-isolate would not be subject to normal sick leave processes.

This means that if you catch COVID at work, Launch does not intend to provide you with additional leave and you would need to use regular sick leave or make a compensation claim.

Your delegates and union branch are dismayed at Launch’s position on this and we will continue to argue that workers who contract COVID through exposure at work should not have to dip into their personal leave. This is ultimately a Health & Safety issue, and we will keep fighting for your rights.

If you’d like to increase the power of workers at Launch, get your colleagues to join the union online today:

For further information please contact: your ASU delegate or
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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