After trying to first resolve the dispute with Haven; Home, Safe and get them to engage and/or respond, on December 8, 2020, the ASU sought the assistance of DHHS to resolve two issues of major concern to us:

  1. HHS’ refusal to consult with staff returning to work sites after working from home; and
  2. Ongoing refusal to liaise directly with ASU organisers as employee representatives.

In the following days, DHHS provided this information to HHS.

On January 15, more than a month after the matter was raised with them, HHS provided this response, stating that they would not consult staff on returning to work sites, and did not address the matter of union representation.

Consultation is occurring at most community services organisations. It involves emailing impacted staff with the following information:

  • When staff are expected to come back to workplaces;
  • Changes made in the workplace;
  • How this might impact staff; and
  • What the employer is doing to minimise negative impacts.

Staff can then provide feedback, followed by the employer addressing that feedback. It’s a quick and standard process at no cost to the employer yet is being fought tooth and nail by HHS.

The role of union organisers as employee representatives has been addressed in many court cases – see here for examples of where this has been upheld Previously.

The ASU Branch continues to fight alongside you and your delegate on these issues and will be seeking mediation from DHHS on both matters.

Now more than ever, we need strength in numbers. Talk to your colleagues about joining the union today. They can join here:

For further information please contact your delegate or:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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