While the failure of outsourcing waste is apparent across the state thanks to SKM, in what can only be described as perplexing, Nillumbik Shire are considering privatisation of their waste services.

On Tuesday September 10th Nillumbik Shire Council will determine the fate of their kerbside waste collections service in secret, the choice faced by councillors is privatise waste collection, or retain the council delivered service. On the line are secure local jobs and confidence in quality service delivery.

The ASU is concerned other services are being lined up like dominoes for privatisation, roads and drains services, parks and open space maintenance, and arboriculture are all subject to reviews, or have been recently restructured. It won’t stop with waste.

The ASU believes offers of employment are unlikely, because Council will go with the tender that will save the most, and costs of labour can be reduced by not applying Local Government rates of pay.

ASU is organising members and community to gather before the council meeting

DATE: Tuesday 10 September
TIME: from 4.30 pm
LOCATION: Main entrance to Nillumbik Shire Office, Civic Drive, Greensborough

As councillors enter to participate in the debate and vote on waste services, the opposition to privatisation will be visible.

All ASU members, community members and anti-privatisation, secure work activists are welcome to attend

The Nillumbik waste team want your support. Show solidarity with these beleaguered council employees, and stand up against privatisation.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 1300 855 570 | wwyatt@asuvictas.com.au

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