Today ASU organiser Will Wyatt and Waste services Delegate Craig Anderson met with 5 Management representatives, including the CEO, to ensure employees interests are represented in the market testing of the Shire’s kerbside waste collection services.

ASU is determined to influence the tender specifications and establish entitlements for members who are potentially impacted by the prospect of the service being privatised.

ASU outlined the interests of our membership, being choice over their employment future, and protections of terms and conditions of employment that are no less favourable than currently experienced.

A members meeting will be held next week determine what suggestions we put to management regarding employment conditions that may be included in the  development of a contract.

The ASU opposes outsourcing of members jobs and community services as it leads to price hikes, wage loss and reduced accountability to community. With members support the ASU will continue to campaign to protect your jobs.

ASU is committed to protect, promote and improve the working conditions and entitlements of members.

For any enquiries, please contact ASU Organiser Will Wyatt 0418 320 625 or speak to a workplace delegate.

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