In what can only be described as embarrassing for the Council officers who recommended market testing of Edendale Community Farm, Council has voted 5 to 2 to quash plans to outsource and instead resolved to release the confidential review and engage in community and employee consultation on how the services provided at the farm should or could be delivered.

The plan was originally hatched to find a new partner to manage Edendale farm, Management jumped the gun, and were seeking employee feedback on what employment conditions would be specified in the EOI.

When ASU found out from members, we immediately met with them, and once it was clear what was intended to be put to council, launched into a campaign to put it to a stop. ASU organiser begun contacting councillors and influential community members and appraising them of the situation affecting ASU members. It wasn’t long before ASU had written to the CEO, demanding this course of action cease pending consultation. The union and the community action were enough to see the right outcome, and Edendale is now safe, until the next attempt.

The ASU works to support members deal with workplace issues and campaigns to protect and improve conditions.

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