Following NHVR’s decision not to take on board any of the ASU feedback around telematics & duty driving, the Union has been left with no choice but to take this matter to the Fair Work Commission.

We are disappointed that NHVR is introducing are very punitive approach around telematics, which seems aimed at catching people out, rather than ensuring health and safety. And the decision around duty driving was made with no consultation whatsoever.

We will be seeking to ensure that the consultation provisions within your enterprise agreement are upheld and that Management properly listens to staff concerns.


ASU is looking for new delegates at NHVR, to compliment the fantastic work being done by Skye Rieniets. Skye does a tremendous job representing Union members at NHVR, and our aim is to have a team of delegates to help out with this critical work.

If you are interested in becoming a delegate, please email Organiser Matt Price by COB next Wednesday 28 April  at

Members will be advised of nominations. If you would like more information about the role of a delegate, please feel free to contact Matt.

Share this email with a colleague today, and talk to them about the importance of union membership at NHVR.

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