Over the last few months your delegate team has been hard at work negotiating your Enterprise Agreement and they are pleased to inform you that this is nearly completed, with an ‘all in’ offer proposed by management and awaiting in principle agreement, and then a vote.

The ‘All in’ offer proposed by NHVR involved the following;

  1. Wage increase – 2.25% per annum paid on October 1st each year.
  2. Personal leave – 15 days entitlement for all staff covered by the EA.
  3. Salary levels – as per table provided, 4% CPD payment not included as per justification in documentation provided.
  4. ‘Home Garaging’ – add details of clause 48.7 to the NHVR Light Vehicles policy applicable to Vic based staff (NB: change to policies requires consultation with effected staff as per clause 6.7 of Draft EA)
  5. Relocation Expenses – not included in EA as retention of clause 48.7 in NHVR Light Vehicles policy.


The above is an ‘all in’ offer meaning each component is dependent on the others.

Please vote on whether you accept this offer

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