Voting commences on Friday to endorse the proposed extension and variation of the NHVR On Roads Enterprise Agreement.

Key features of the proposal are;

  • 3% pay rises per year
  • A $1500 sign on bonus

The rest of the Agreement remains largely unchanged. This is because the ‘extend & vary’ process does not involve a full negotiation. Instead we are just extending the existing Agreement.

The ASU recommends that members vote ‘yes’ to endorse this proposal. It is a strong outcome for all staff, and would not have been possible without ASU delegates and members.

The initial offer from Management was for 2.5% pay rises, and a $1000 sign on bonus. But Union members held strong, and because of that we were able to achieve a better outcome.

All staff will receive a text message on Friday with voting details, and voting will remain open until February 4th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ASU Organiser Matt Price at

And talk to a colleague today about the importance of Union membership. New members can join online via this link (

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