Our union has released a report by the Centre for Future Work that shows just how bad rate capping is for our economy, jobs and local government services.

The report makes it clear that we need to abandon the rate caps policy to benefit residents, workers and the economy.

Because of rate capping, Victorians are seeing fewer services provided by local government, with more ‘user pays’ to cover the funding shortfalls as well as the casualisation of council workforces, creating employment insecurity.

An economic analysis conducted by the Centre for Future Work also shows rate capping has cost up to 7,425 jobs (including up to 4,900 local government jobs), reducing GDP by up to $890 million in this financial year.

With this report, we have the facts on rate capping – now we need to make sure the Andrews Government hears loud and clear our calls to change the disastrous rate capping policy.

Please spread the word and join the campaign

There are three simple things you can do now that will spread the word about rate capping and get even more workers involved in our campaign to change the rate capping policy.

Share the report among your workmates – just click here to email your workmates about the report.

Get involved in the campaign – let us know if you want to learn more about our campaign.

Like and share our Facebook post about the report

I believe that by working together and building our campaign, we can get the Andrews Government to change the rate capping policy.

Lisa Darmanin
Branch Secretary



You can download the full report here
Download the ASU’s media release here.

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