On Monday the Victorian Government announced restrictions on who will be able to work outside their home during Stage 4.

Some of the first information provided by the government was unclear, so the ASU asked for more detailed information.

We have now received further information from the Victorian Government.

You can download this information here

The ASU expects some more detail and examples of work that can be performed. We are also expecting clarification on civil construction.

Any further updates will be sent to ASU delegates.

Because of the Stage 4 restrictions, many ASU members will not be able to continue working outside their homes.

Some Councils, including Wyndham, Monash and Whittlesea are doing the right thing and will continue to pay workers if they are unable to work due to the restrictions.

We congratulate those councils for supporting their staff during this difficult time. It will mean workers will be able to keep spending in local economies and be ready to return to work as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Other local government employers are yet to agree to pay workers if they can’t work because of the restrictions. The ASU deplores this approach. We cannot have some workers at council disadvantaged, potentially leaving them unable to pay their bills, rent or feed their families.

ASU organisers are already working with delegates at each of these councils and library corporations to fix this.

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now, but the ASU is by your side with information, support and advocacy.

If you need more information, please contact your ASU Delegate, ASU Organiser or our Member Contact Centre by email at info@asuvictas.com.au



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