ASU members who work in Information Systems at Mildura Rural City Council have had a big win with new entitlements for working out of hours.

The win was achieved through recent enterprise agreement negotiations.

Despite bullying and threats from management to reduce their entitlements, members stood firm. The ASU was by their side, referring the matter to the Fair Work Commission.

In the face of a resolute group of union members, management finally dropped their opposition to the members’ claim and agreed to it entirely.

The newly negotiated entitlements include

  1. Availability Allowance for volunteering to participate in an out of hours roster
  2. An extra payment of $63.15 for each Public Holiday on the roster
  3. These amounts indexed by 2% per annum as per the enterprise agreement pay increase
  4. Kilometre allowance for the use of a private motor vehicle
  5. Private motor vehicle insurance excess paid should there be any damage to the vehicle while used for these purposes.

The ASU members in Information Systems were adamant they would demand appropriate payment for the work they perform.

And they achieved a win through a smart and strong campaign.

This is a clear example of union collective bargaining winning out against management’s intimidating tactics.

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