Recently a group of employees at Metro Tasmania in the administrative areas of the organisation decided to band together and join the ASU.

Since then, we’ve had two new Delegates elected and have started bargaining for a new enterprise agreement for these employees.

The new delegates, Greg Watson and Sally Walters, started their role as Delegates in May this year.

Greg told us that he had an interest in becoming a Delegate because of their last EBA. He believes we benefit from better representation and communication and he aims to bring all departments together during this round of bargaining to get the best possible outcome for all.

Sally said she wanted to become a delegate because her team, and the people in her team, are so important to her and she wants to see the best outcomes for all of them under the new EBA. She’s looks forward to sharing the outcomes of bargaining with all staff and working on the “us and them” mentality in the workgroup.

Please join us in welcoming Greg and Sally as Delegates in their workplace.

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