The State Government today announced a new IR framework to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

This will apply to all ASU coverage in the Victorian Public Sector, including Water Authorities, Catchment Management Authorities, CFA, Parks Victoria, VicRoads, and the Phillip Island Nature Park.

Key features of the new framework are:

  • $1500 p/f assistant package for regular and systematic casual employees who are not required to work because functions/services have been reduced
  • An extension of the salary maintenance arrangements up until September 30, where staff are directed not to attend or perform work where functions or services are reduced, or workplaces or businesses are closed.
  • Crucially, these salary maintenance arrangements will only be available where the affected employee is ready, willing and able to participate in an arrangement for deployment into Surge Functions. This may include being redeployed to another Government agency.
  • In the event that this occurs, the employee will maintain their ongoing employment status with the original employer and will maintain salary levels and other employment conditions, and continuity of service
  • The implementation of this Framework will be overseen by the Specialist Workforce Advisory Group, which will include ASU.

There is a lot of detail in this policy, and we recommend members read through it. Whilst it applies to the entire public sector, it may be the case that a large number of our members in essential service roles will not be affected and will continue to work as normal.

But for those who are directed not to attend work because services have been reduced, this framework provides certainty and guaranteed income right up until the end of September.

ASU will closely monitor this through the Specialist Workforce Advisory Group, and we encourage any members with questions or concerns to contact the ASU at

Seeking more info on COVID-19?

For further information please contact:
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