CFA has still not put a decent wage offer on the table, despite the fact that the Government has now authorized them to increase the pay offer to 3%.

As such, ASU Delegates have decided to implement a further two bans, and have notified CFA accordingly.

Commencing Tuesday 18 April 2023:

  • A temporary or indefinite ban on the performance of work covered by warranty.

Commencing Monday 24 April 2023:

  • A temporary or indefinite ban on performing modifications on vehicles.

If you require information about how to implement these bans please contact: Your ASU Delegates
Gav | 0429 199 016
Glen | 0417 309 721
John | 0400 823 051
Or Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

Two points to be aware of;

  1. Only union members can participate in protected industrial action. If non-members want to participate, they can join the ASU and will be protected straight away.
  2. Protected Industrial Action is just that – protected. You cannot be disciplined, coerced, or instructed not to carry out bans. If this occurs, contact your delegate or Organiser Matt Price immediately.

New members can join here

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