On the 27th of November 2018, in a face to face meeting in Sydney, the ASU, Canon and 2 Employee Bargaining Reps reached an agreement in principle regarding the new Canon EBA.

The ASU was represented by Michael Rizzo, National Industrial Officer, and ASU delegates Doug Hales (Qld), Paul O’Brien (Syd) and Heren Shah (Vic).

A final draft of the Agreement was then agreed at a subsequent meeting on the 4th December.

The new agreement is essentially a Rollover Agreement with some improvements and a new set of wage increases. The Agreement will run for 3 years.

Wage Increases
The position tabled by Canon regarding wage increases was a CPI increase.(about 2%). The ASU wanted a significant increase on this offer. The parties negotiated and agreed on the following flat increases for all employees:

From 1 March 2019-$2,500

From 1 March 2020-$2,000

From 1 March 2021-$2,000

Members should note that regardless of any delay in the Fair Work Commission approving the new agreement, members will get their wage increase backdated to the 1 March 2019. Also, this wage increase is a good result given the historic low wage increases over the last 2 years.

Other Benefits of the new EBA
The ASU has also negotiated some improvements to the current EBA, including:

  • increasing the following allowances-first aid, meal allowance, vehicle kilometre allowance, higher duties allowance, standby and call-out allowance;
  • adding the word “annually” in the Uniforms clause, so that the clause now reads, “Canon will provide a uniform to employees ANNUALLY”
  • casual loading has been increased from 20% to 25 %; and
  • the GPS Tracking policy will not be changed by Canon without consulting with employees in accordance with Canon’s Consultation obligations in clause 8 and it will be subject to an annual review. Furthermore, the ASU has removed from Clause 9-New Technologies-the reference to using technology for disciplinary purposes. These changes go some way in giving employees some control over the GPS tracking in the future.

Members should note that this is not a bad result given that Canon started these negotiations wanting to give only a CPI wage increase, drastically reduce redundancy payments and wanting to pay you on a monthly basis.

Next Steps-Voting on the new EBA
Now that the new EBA has been agreed in principle by the negotiating parties, it is now up to members/employees to vote on it. The ASU recommends that members vote YES to accept the new EBA. This is because there are no loss of conditions in the new EBA, there is a significant wage increase (given this era of record low wage growth) and some clauses have been improved.

Because of employee leave in the December/January period, the parties have decided to hold the employee EBA vote in late January/early February 2019. This is to ensure maximum employee involvement. Note that this will not affect the first pay increase applying from 1 March 2019 if a YES vote is successful.

View the flyer here

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