The ASU and Neami have commenced the process to bargain for a new Enterprise Agreement. Enterprise Agreements are where the majority of above-Award entitlements come from and are a great opportunity for you to have input into your workplace conditions and wages.

The ASU has surveyed all ASU members to identify the main issues and what members want changed in this Enterprise Agreement. The ASU has put together a draft Log of Claims based on the member survey. A Log of Claims is the list of changes we want to see in the new Agreement to make work fairer and safer.

The ASU is now asking for members to endorse the draft as our official ASU Log of Claims for the current round of bargaining.

The ASU will be holding a series of meetings next week to give members an opportunity to provide feedback and endorse the Log of Claims.

Please register to attend one of the below events:

  1. Tuesday 10 May 2022, 9am (
  2. Thursday 12 May, 6pm (
  3. Friday 13 May 12.30pm (

If any of your colleagues are not already members of our union, let them know that now is a great time to join so they can be part of the negotiating process to collectively improve employee wages and conditions. The more members we have, the greater our power at the negotiating table!

It’s easy for anyone to join online at

For further information please contact one of your delegates or
ASU Organiser Kerman Daruwalla |

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