The ASU and your bargaining representatives will meet again tomorrow with NCR to progress with negotiations for your Enterprise Agreement.

Support them by sharing this with your colleagues and asking them  take this link to join your union today!

After a number of months of discussion, NCRs proposal to the bargaining reps is now relatively simple:

  • The Company wants to remove RDOs and Motor Vehicle Allowances from the Agreement,
  • And in return, the Company is offering pay rises of:
    • 1.5% effective April 2021 (backdated)
    • 1.75% effective April 2022
    • 2% effective April 2023
    • 2% effective April 2024

The Company has backed down from an attempt to remove consultation from shift changes, and they have agreed to increase your Allowances to parity with the Business Equipment Award. The inclusion of backpay from April 2021, and a final increase in 2024, is also an improvement on their last offer.

This is not good enough.

Right now, all the Company is offering is significant cuts to conditions for some workers, while asking all staff to lock in low pay rises until 2024.

Your union and bargaining reps will continue to push for a better offer from NCR.

You can help by forwarding this to email to your colleagues at NCR, and asking them to join your union today!

Any questions can be sent to Rhiannon Robson at

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