The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NVHR) has agreed to reclassify a number of staff members, after negotiations involving the ASU. These workers were transferred across from VicRoads in mid-2019, and shortly afterwards, ASU commenced negotiations with NHVR for a new Enterprise Agreement.

It was understood and agreed during bargaining that upon the new EA being certified by the Fair Work Commission, transferring VicRoads staff would go across to the new EA at a minimum SCO 2. However, when the Agreement came into effect, a number of staff discovered they had been classified at the lower SCO 1 grade.

When ASU pointed out that this was not what was agreed in bargaining, management argued that they had matched them to the closest PayPoint without disadvantage.

ASU met with Management and affected staff, and successfully negotiated to have this decision overturned, with all affected employees upgraded, made retrospective to the commencement of the new agreement.

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