Enterprise agreement negotiations are progressing at MyState with the company tabling their log of claims in a meeting late last week.

Unfortunarely, the bank which proclaims to exist “to help people achieve their dreams, both big and small”, doesn’t appear to apply the same logic to its employees.

The management log of claims was a full-on attack on redudancy conditions and an attempt to move people into more precarious forms of employment where redundancy entitlements don’t even exist.

Currently your enterprise agreement prescribes a payment on redundancy which increases as your length of service increases. MyState want to slash that entitlement to the bare minimum; resulting in cuts of up to 70% in the amount available to employees who are made redundant in the future.

We’ve seen recent branch closures and media releases forshaddowing more losses. Now their log of claims leads us to assume more job cuts and branch closures are imminent. Will your job be next?

Help us fight these draconian changes to your EA.  Invite your colleagues to join the ASU. Send them to https://www.asu.asn.au/asujoin to join today.

It’s only through collective voices that these changes can be held off and YOUR job protected.

For more information please contact Aaron De La Torre | adelatorre@asuvictas.com.au | 0427 813 821


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