The return to Stage 3 restrictions brings some challenges, both individually and industrially, which we now must consider and work through with Council and other Unions.

Do I have to wear a face mask at work?
MVCC advised the ASU on Friday that all staff “engaged in face-to-face customer contact” are required to wear masks, which they will be providing. We confirmed that at this stage this includes staff working in home care, kinder, childcare, and MCH & immunisation nurses.

This is in line with the most recent health advice, and if this is to be extended to other areas of Council the local OHS Committees must be consulted.

Do I need to use personal leave to self-isolate?
Currently, if you need to self-isolate due to illness or after being tested for COVID-19, you are required to use personal leave.

This creates an unfair dynamic where staff working from home continue during the isolation period, but those attending work have to use their entitlements.

The ASU will raise this with management. Until then we recommend:

  • If you have ample personal leave, use it to ensure you continue being paid
  • If you do not have enough personal leave to cover the absence contact your local ASU Delegate or Organiser so we can ensure you are not disadvantaged

What happens if I’m struggling at work?
Last week the ASU put serious concerns to management about the callous treatment of staff regarding performance and conduct. We continue to see members in some areas of Council facing unnecessary or excessive disciplinary action or formal performance management.

We said enough is enough and demanded that staff be supported by managers instead of punished and that the CEO communicate this expectation to his management team ASAP. In difficult times real leaders step up to support and inspire their employees, and the ASU will not risk the health of our members because some managers can’t do their jobs

As always, the ASU is by your side. If you are facing unfair disciplinary action or performance management contact an ASU Delegate or Organiser immediately.

A list of ASU Delegates and Organisers at MVCC can be found here.

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