Members at MOSS will have received this email from your CEO, threatening to dock your pay if you attend a meeting with us.  

It seems that Mark is keen to receive from the ASU a document that it would be illegal for us to provide! You might not be aware, but a Right of Entry (ROE) notice allows your ASU Organiser to come on-site at MOSS premises, but can’t be used for any other purpose. It would be a breach of the Fair Work Act for the ASU to issue an ROE for an online meeting, and we could face significant fines for it. But still, the CEO says you can’t attend online meetings without one! How does that make sense?  

Regardless, no other employer in the community services sector requires an ROE, even for physical entry to a premises. The vast majority of Employers work with the ASU to facilitate access, instead of putting up impassable barriers.  

Not being easily put off, there’ll be a member meeting tomorrow to;

  • Elect new Delegates;
  • Discuss bargaining for your enterprise agreement – which isn’t a Zombie Agreement as that term only applies to those made pre-2010;
  • Discuss the CEO’s refusal to answer ASU’s questions about the direction to take LSL; and
  • Direct the ASU response to the barriers being put in place by management. I.e. accept the current situation, or work toward resolution through all available channels.

DATE: Thursday 22 June
TIME: 5pm – 6pm

You have colleagues who aren’t yet in the ASU. Why not tell them why you’re ASU, and share this link?  

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |  

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