By now, the review at MSIR is underway. As discussed at last Wednesday’s meeting, the ASU is planning to collectively respond on behalf of members, so that important information is passed on for the review to consider.

This will occur through a meeting with a group of ASU members and delegates and the chief investigator conducting the review. This way we can make sure that feedback is given collectively, maximising confidentiality and security for our members who may be making disclosures to the review, but also ensuring that comprehensive feedback from ASU members at MSIR/NRCH is put before the review before any findings are made.

We encourage feedback and information that you would like us to share with the review to be sent directly to Madeleine at or by phone on 0409 677 506 or you can also talk directly to ASU delegates Cheryl Cowan and Gaby Bruning to make sure your feedback is included as part of our response.

You may also be asked to attend a meeting with the review individually. It’s important to understand that you are not obligated to attend or speak to the investigator. However, if you do wish to respond individually some important tips to keep in mind follow:

  • Ask for a record of the exchange to be provided at the conclusion of the interview.
  • Make sure you understand what aspects of the conversation are ‘on the record’
  • Make sure that you understand the extent to which the conversation is confidential or how the information may be used in the context of the review.

Please deliver all feedback as soon as possible either to Madeleine, Cheryl or Gaby so we can make sure our feedback is as comprehensive as possible.

For more information or to discuss this approach to the review please contact:
ASU Organiser Madeleine Henderson | 0409 677 506 |

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